17 July 2017

A Meditation

A Meditation
Text: Psalm 8

Rev. Dr. Charles Tan

Message Notes

A Psalm of David


1. Meditation

a) A personal practice of David
b) A positive spiritual activity
i) Psalm 4:4
ii) Psalm 5:1

2. What is done in Meditation?

a) Thinking about the LORD   (Psalm 8:1a)
b) Dwelling on His name   (Psalm 8:1b)
c) Pondering the glory of God   (Psalm 8:1c)

3. Meditating on God’s creation of man   (Psalm 8:2)

a) Babes
b) Nursing infants

4. God’s Glorious plans seen and appreciated

a) You have ordained strength   (Psalm 8:3)
b) That you may silence
i) The enemy
ii) The avenger   (Psalm 8:3)

5. The Context of his Meditation

a) God also made the heavens
b) The heavens- the work of His fingers   (Psalm 8:4)
i) The moon
ii) The stars
iii) All have been ordained (appointed)

6. What is Man?

a) Man/ Son of Man   (Psalm 8:5)
b) Lower than the angels   (Psalm 8:5)
c) Crowned with glory and honour   (Psalm 8:5)
d) Given him dominion over all creatures   (Psalm 8:6-8)
i) Sheep
ii) Oxen
iii) Beasts of the field
iv) Birds of the air
v) Fish of the sea

7. Conclusion of Meditation

a) O LORD, our LORD
b) How excellent is Your name in all the earth!   (Psalm 8:9)