16 July 2017

SSS4 : Epistle to the Romans : Lesson 15

SSS4 : Epistle to the Romans : Lesson 15
Text: Romans 4

Rev Charles Tan
Epistle to the Romans

Message Notes


1. The phrase “steps of faith” was used to describe the footsteps of Abraham (Romans 4:12)

2. These steps of faith may be traced as we read (Genesis 12-22)

a) God’s Call to leave Haran and to go to Canaan (Genesis 12:1-3)
Footstep of faith- Genesis 12:4
i) Faith in God
ii) Obedience to God in leaving all behind to follow the Call of God
iii) Abraham was 75 years of age at this point of time (Genesis 12:4)
b) God’s Revelation of Himself to Abram in Canaan (Genesis 12:7)
Footstep of faith- Genesis 12:7
i) He built an altar to the LORD (Genesis 12:7)
ii) He travelled in Canaan and built another altar (Genesis 12:8)
iii) Worship was an expression of his faith
iv) Close touch with God was another expression
c) God’s revelation of Himself again after Lot left Abram (Genesis 13:14-17)
Footstep of faith- Genesis 13:18
i) There was conflict (Lot and Abram’s servants)
ii) Abram did not want conflict and allowed Lot to choose
On the surface, Lot appeared to have made the better choice  (Genesis 13:5-13)
iii) Abram built yet another altar to worship God (Hebron) (Genesis 13:18)
As an expression of continued faith in the LORD
d) The Appearance of Melchizedek to Abram after rescuing Lot (Genesis 14:18-24)
Footstep of faith- Genesis 14:14-16
i) His faith expressed itself in courage and valour
ii) He went to war in order to rescue his nephew Lot (Genesis 12:13-16)
iii) The blessing of Abraham by Melchizedek (Genesis 14:18-20)
iv) The tithe given by Abraham to Melchizedek (Genesis 14:20)
e) The faith of Abram displayed in his word to the king of Sodom
Footstep of faith- Genesis 14:22-24
i) This is seen in his integrity
ii) His character forbade him to go into war for wealth
He refused to take the spoils of war
iii) He had made an oath to God and he honoured his word